Village of Suamico

Summer Grounds Crew

May - August 2019 • Suamico, WI

What I liked

I got to be outside all day, everyday and that was awesome because I love the outdoors and enjoy being outside in nature. Getting to be outside in the sun is so nice when I have been inside every other summer that I have had a job, it was a nice change.

What I wish was different

I have no complaints at all honestly, I enjoyed the job, it was hard work but it was pretty straightforward so not too difficult once you get used to it. All the guys were cool, they weren't too hard on us and were there to help when needed.


Wear sunscreen and don't rush when you're doing your job otherwise you will mess up the grass and that is something that you do not want to do because it looks bad on you and it looks bad on the village as a whole. Also always be courteous when it comes to the space of people using the parks, give them space as you need to put yourself in their shoes, you would not want someone cutting grass very close to you if you're trying to use a park.
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