Victor Valley Union High School District

High school math tutor

June - July 2019 • Victorville, CA

What I liked

I really enjoyed being a part of growing with the students. I got to build a good relationship with plenty of the students which allowed me to inspire the students into going to college. All of the children there were struggling in theirs studies and failing classes. I remember being their age and it was much easier to take advice from someone closer in age. So the students bonded with me wonderfully because I was just in their shoes.

What I wish was different

I wish I would have been able to stay longer. The student program was only a month long. So if I would have had more time I felt as if i would have been able to give back more of my wisdom and help these children grow.


I would love to say that there is nothing like giving back to the community in which you came from. I grew up in Victorville and went to high school there. I was given the opportunity to go back to my old high school and be able to interact and teach children who are just like me. I walked the same streets as them and the same hallways. I knew everything they were going through because I went through it. They really engaged with me once I shared with them that I was from where they were. And I just showed them that it is possible to set out to be more than what society thinks you will be.
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