Victim Assistance Program

About Victim Assistance Program

is a world where all victims are healed.

is to empower our community to restore lives impacted by crisis, violence, and tragedy.

is to provide 24-hour crisis intervention, advocacy, and education to victims of crime and trauma and the professional community who serves this population.

In 1972, help was non-existent for crime and trauma victims. In response to their overwhelming needs, Captain John Cunningham, Stella Long, the late Richard Kinsinger, and Robert Denton came together to form Victim Assistance Program. Formalizing services in 1974, under the leadership of Robert Denton, Victim Assistance Program pioneered comprehensive services from the crime scene through the criminal justice system, in a unique collaboration with the police, prosecutors, and the courts. Today, that tradition continues, and our community relationships allow Victim Assistance Program to help thousands of individuals transition from hardship to healing each year.


Victim Advocate

July 2019 - August 2019 Akron, OH
“It is incredibly rewarding work by being able to help people. You also get to learn about the issues in Summit County that many would not have even thought of. You will be introduced to a large amount of information and processes in the courts and criminal justice processes. You will also have opportunities to meet prosecutors, judges, caseworkers, and other advocates who work in summit county. ”

Victim Advocate

August 2019 Akron, OH
“The hands on experience outside of the classroom ”
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