About VettaFi

VettaFi was created by unifying complementary businesses who shared a common vision for client success, the value of relationships, and the importance of data.

Vetta in Sanskrit means "one who knows” - an expert. Fi is short for Finance, our world. As "students of the markets", we are constantly vetting our ever-changing industry landscape.

In May 2022, ETF Trends, ETF Database, Alerian and S-Network Global Indexes merged to form VettaFi.
In October 2022, VettaFi acquired Advisor Perspectives, the leading publisher for registered investment advisors, wealth managers, and financial planners. Together, we are dedicated to providing insights and specialized services that allow asset managers and investors to engage, grow, and thrive.

We invest in technology and talent that strengthens our offerings for our clients.


research intern

June 2019 Dallas, TX
“Family-like culture.”
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