Program Coordinator

April - September 2023 • Philadelphia, PA

What I liked

I liked being able to given the autonomy to complete tasks as they were given in the most effective way that I knew how to. I also loved the job because while I didn't know how to use their systems at first, they put me in plenty of positions where I was forced to use them and become more familiar with using them. I like the fact that I had a very supportive team who was there for me and made me a better team player. I also like the manage up approach that VestedIn uses to help the team work more efficiently. I loved the fact that a lot of the work could be completed virtually as opposed to coming into the office as well.

What I wish was different

I wish I would have prepared myself a little more and took heed of the notes that my predecessors left for me. Other than that, it was a wonderful experience and I wouldn't change anything about it.


I would definitely share that you should really enjoy working with high school students and be truly invested into their future and development in order to maximize this opportunity. Doing so will allow you to do the best job possible.
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