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We are tech support for the body. We handle every aspect of our users’ experience with eating, working out and reaching their wellness goals so we can help make them the best they’ve ever been. Vertue delivers motivation as a service and removes any and all friction from creating and implementing wellness protocols. You can think of Vertue like the most personalized gym ever – totally customized and delivered straight to each user.

Position: HOST

Hours: You make your own schedule. While we are expanding, we are not at the point of packing out every hour of your availability so this is great part time work with the future possibility of full time.

Pay: $12/hr

As a Host, you take a User(s) through their daily exercise program. You follow a written exercise plan and with the help of our pre-filmed exercise demonstration videos give the Users (clients) the exact visuals they need to be able to do the exercises. You are sort of like a Supervisor/Hype person – lots of affinity and tough love to get them through and keep them wanting more!

-You deliver hourly virtual personal training based on your availability.

-Minimum of 10 hours of availability required (If you are available early mornings that is a major plus but definitely not a dealbreaker.)

-We will train you, so no fitness or personal training experience is necessary although it is a plus.

-You must have excellent communication skills as the training is done voice only – they will not see you so you must be able to control their workout by voice alone.

Technical requirement: you need to have a computer that has a webcam/camera and that is capable of running videos.

You will also be entering a pretty awesome team – if I do say so myself! 😊

If you are interested or have any questions please email me:



August 2021 Canoga Park, CA
“I like the flexibility the company offers. Being able to work remotely is definitely a great feature the host position provides. Having little experience prior to being a host, the company provided training to help me prepare for the role.”


August 2021 Canoga Park, CA
“I love how personal Vertue is in terms of working with people around the United States from a computer. It is the best way to reach your personal goals while being in the comfort of your own home. The team environment is amazing. Everyone is always prepared and ready to help each other at the drop of a hat. The Host Managers are the best. They go out of their way to make the Vertue experience, the best experience for the clients as well as the Hosts. Schedules are flexible which makes this the perfect job for a college student like myself. Vertue itself is one of the greatest company's that I have ever worked for.”
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