About Veregy

We understand that the systems we design have a real impact on the lives of people who use the buildings we design. In healthcare, we can reduce the amount of time a person spends in the hospital. In education, we can have a direct impact on the quality of education a child receives in their most formative years. No matter the project, it is important for us to consider and design for the people who utilize, visit, study, heal, or work in the facilities we have the opportunity to design.

Our office is located in convenient Grandview, just off the 670-Grandview exit, with plenty of free parking and a view of downtown Columbus. Our team enjoys a modern space with lots of natural light in a collaborative and open office space where design team members work closely with one another, owners, clients, and other consultants to complete a variety of project types.


Software Developer Intern

September 2019 Columbus, OH
“Dynamix has a great work environment, and I have gotten a lot of experience in both front end and back end software development working here. I always felt like I was working on something important/interesting that helped the company and taught me a lot about software development. The software development team and the engineers that work at Dynamix are always happy to answer any questions I had about building applications and have helped me grow as a software developer. I really appreciated the feedback I got on my code and ways to improve my skills as a software developer. They are very accommodating with my class schedule and will work with you to make a work schedule that works for both you and Dynamix. Also, they have a fun social committee that helps you feel more connected with the team. ”

Mechanical Engineering Intern

May 2018 - December 2018 Columbus, OH
“Working at Dynamix is still one of the best work experiences I have ever had. The engineers I worked with always explained everything thoroughly so I never felt like I was mindlessly doing something. Most of the people I worked with were recent graduates and always gave good career advice. I learned so much about HVAC and plumbing while I was there and enjoyed it much more than I thought I could ever enjoy plumbing. Dynamix also has 9 hour days from M-Th and then half days on Friday (super nice) AND donuts on Thursday. There is also a social committee that organizes fun events for all the employees to be part of which helps a lot if you are a new hire. Also as someone who takes diversity and women in engineering seriously, I can confirm that Dynamix actively creates an inclusive environment that anyone would be comfortable in.”
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