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Ventura Foods is a leading national manufacturer and marketer of branded and custom made shortenings, oils, dressings, sauces, margarines, culinary bases and pan coatings for the foodservice and retail industries. From East to West, Ventura keeps pace with the dynamic food marketplace by delivering high quality products at competitive prices. In fact, our company’s growth is fueled by long-lasting profitable partnerships that benefit all parties. We do this by meeting the challenges of an ever-changing world by applying the strengths of our commercial resources, the talents of our employees and the opportunities created by new technologies. Throughout our rich history, one thing hasn’t changed: the dedication to our customers and the consumers we are proud to serve.

Specialties: Ventura Foods foodservice brands include Mel-Fry® and Extend® High Performance Frying Oils, Marie’s® dressings, Classic Gourmet® Dressings and Culinary Bases, SunGlow® Butter Blends, Phase® and Savory® Liquid Butter Alternatives, White Cap® and Gold-n-Sweet® Pan Coatings. Licensed foodservice brands include Smart Balance® Buttery Spreads and Hidden Valley® prepared dressings. Retail brands include Marie’s® Refrigerated Dressings, Deans® Dairy Dips, LouAna® Oils and Gold-n-Soft® Margarines.


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