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About Vena Agency

The Vena Organization was founded in 2020 by State Director Tommy Vena. After starting with AIL in Pittsburgh, PA, in 2008, he quickly became the #1 regional director in the company and has broken many company records along the way. The Vena Agency is now proud to serve the great state of Illinois.


Employee Benefits Specialist

March 2023 - March 2023 Chicago, IL
“It's not an MLM or pyramid scheme technically (that's how they can get away with operating), however it's essentially a pyramid scheme, so make sure you AVOID THEM. The first "phone interview" was a quick two questions, then immediately schedule an "interview" same-day. Turns out this "interview" is a 30-minute group presentation on how much money you can make, the structure of the company, moving up in the company, a big emphasis on the work vacations, etc. Definitely avoid working here! BIG SCAM energy.”

Entry sales

April 2023 - April 2023 Des Plaines, IL
“The interview process was great. I got an amazing understanding of what the company culture is about and spoke with great people!”
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