VEGA Americas, Inc.

About VEGA Americas, Inc.

VEGA Americas manufactures and sells instruments that measure level in production processes. Through the use of sophisticated technologies such as radar and radiation, we offer accurate process level measurement to many industries: refining, mining, chemical, oil & gas, pharmaceutical, food & beverage, and others. Our high quality products offer our clients piece of mind, increased revenue, and safer work environments. We strive to understand our customers, their industries, applications, and challenges, so we can innovate ways to improve their level measurement. We pride ourselves on being our customers' Trusted Advisor. Our technology, products, and services are important, but the core of our business is the employees. As a privately owned company with a global presence, we have a culture that reflects our values: respect, continuous improvement, and lasting relationships. We desire to hire people who share theses same values. We encourage you to come explore VEGA Americas.


Mechanical Engineering Intern

May 2023 - August 2023 Mason, OH
“The people that worked at VEGA were dedicated to helping me even if I was just an Intern. They treated me like an other employee and would take time out of there day to help me understand the project. My favorite part about working at VEGA was the different projects I got to work on. I was able to make a demo stand that would measure someone's height when standing under a VEGA sensor. I also did a lot of transfer work which allowed me to advance my modeling skills. I used the 3d printers to solve common manufacturing issues. The people working in the engineering group is a close group of people and they welcomed me with open arms and really got to know the group. I also was always doing work. Luckily I had no down time and enjoyed coming into work. The brand new facility has a lot of amenities that were nice.”

Engineering Co-op

January 2023 - May 2023 Mason, OH
“The people were very dedicated to giving me a great learning experience. They took time out of their days to make sure I understood what was asked of me and that I was getting something out of what I was doing. I got to design several things including an aluminum base for the engineering lab water tank dolly and a test fixture that will be used to test the output of one of VEGA's sensors. Along with that I got to do some hands on stuff including building the dolly base myself, measuring and redocumenting 30+ assembly fixtures, and 3D printing the output fixture to be tested before an aluminum model was built. Every project I did was fun as I was given enough material to understand what I needed to do but was still left to figure out and learn a lot of stuff on my own, it was a great balance. ”
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