Veeco, Inc.

About Veeco, Inc.

Making a Material Difference is at the core of our DNA. For more than 30 years, we have developed differentiated technologies and built expertise and know-how that has enabled world-changing devices such as LED lighting, data storage, advanced computing and mobile devices to reach industrial scale. We help customers overcome technical and cost barriers that make it possible to convert novel materials into high-yielding device performance at production volumes. Our customers produce the newest, fastest, smallest, and most efficient electronic components used in devices to help deliver a better world.

We serve the semiconductor and emerging high-growth markets. Our process equipment and technology are used to manufacture advanced semiconductors, LEDs, displays, photonics, VCSELs, power electronics, compound semiconductors, hard disk drives, MEMS and wireless chips.


Marketing Data Analyst Intern

April 2020 Horsham, PA
“The team was super inclusive and the tasks were well explained ”


May 2019 - August 2019 Somerset, NJ
“The community was very welcoming. ”
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