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About Vector Marketing Cutco

We have immediate part time and full time remote openings. The positions are extremely flexible, so we're able to work around other commitments (other jobs, sports, Greek Life, family vacations, etc.). We market the product, Cutco - The #1 Selling Brand of Kitchen Cutlery in America. Founded in 1949, our company produces over $300M annually.

USA Today Rated us the #14 Company in America in "Professional Development"

All work can be done over the phone and computer from home including our interview process and training program as well. Because our programs create a work from home opportunity to support social distancing, we are inviting more people to apply and filling more positions than usual.


* Must be 17+ years of age
* Setting appointments
* Meeting one-on-one appointments with customers in person or over the phone/computer
* Presenting products
* Answering questions
* Helping place orders


* Two Part Pay Program
- Base pay is not based on sales or results ($20 base/appt.)
- Incentive pay with an opportunity to earn more based on performance
* Flexible Schedules
* Scholarship + Internship Opportunities (Students ONLY)
* Training is provided
* Pay Raises and Advancement Opportunities
* Management Training Program
* Resume Builder

We look forward to meeting you. Thank you and good luck!

Rose Robinson
District Manager

No knocking on random doors, no cold-calling, and no experience required.


Sales reprsentative

September 2023 Champaign, IL
“It gets me out of my comfort zone. I usually am not the one to talk to so many strangers and ask for their time, but this really puts me out there by talking and asking for more network connections.”

Cutco Sales Representative

June 2021 - November 2021 Charlotte, NC
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