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About Vanderbilt University - Institute for Software Integrated Systems

ISIS is part of the Vanderbilt School of Engineering and is engaged in various educational activities focusing on software-reliant systems that are networked, computational, and physical. At the core of our work are systems science and engineering foundations, such as the fundamentals of composition in heterogeneous systems, tools for agile software and systems engineering, assured system integration, model-integrated computing, quality-of-service (QoS)-enabled networking and middleware, and virtualization. In addition to advancing the frontiers of science and engineering, moreover, our research has profound impacts on many domains, ranging from health care to education to transportation, defense, cyber-security, and the environment.

ISIS makes such substantial impacts is that we create game-changing platforms and tools and follow an open-source distribution model that makes these innovations available to everyone. We also produce solid theoretical foundations— along with empirically-grounded methods and high-quality model-based tools and middleware platforms—that foster rapid transition of new technology to both academia and industry.

The success of ISIS has solidified Vanderbilt’s position as a premiere research institution. Our success has also had broader implications: by recruiting and training the best faculty, staff, and students in the fields of cyber-physical systems, distributed real-time and embedded middleware, intelligent learning environments, model-integrated computing, software engineering, and trustworthy computing, we are cultivating a high-technology cluster ecosystem in Middle Tennessee and beyond. The role of IT in engineering practice has greatly influenced innovation, and ISIS has been a key part of that radical transformation.

Teaching faculty affiliated with ISIS teach several undergraduate and graduate courses, and Research Scientists and Visiting Scholars often teach special topics courses and seminars. ISIS also has its own regular and special seminars that are announced on the news list.


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May 2023 Nashville, TN
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