VA Providence Healthcare System

Research Assistant

March 2019 • Providence, RI

What I liked

I absolutely loved working here. I worked (am currently working) in a genetics laboratory at the Providence VA. I have gotten the opportunity to learn so many different lab techniques outside of the labs offered at school. I also had the opportunity to teach for my PI as a TA for his summer class he teaches at Brown University!

What I wish was different

The first part of the summer, my internship was unpaid and I was commuting almost an hour to work everyday. But once I was officially hired it all worked out and was great!


It was absolutely amazing. I waiting two summers looking for internships and I have to say that it’s okay to wait. I currently have a job as a senior and this will be a full time position after I graduate. So the wait is definitely worth it when you find the right internship for you.
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