Utah Valley Refugees

About Utah Valley Refugees

Established in 2016, Utah Valley Refugees, formerly Community and Refugee Partnership Center (UCRPC) is a private, nonprofit organization under Section 501(c)3 of the IRS Code and is a collaborative community partnership that works to improve lives of refugees adjusting to life in Utah County. We provide services such as affordable housing and medical care, employment and educational services for qualified low-income (150% of FPL or less) refugees living in Utah County.

Relocating refugees around Utah and breaking down barriers refugees facing is our number one priority, however, refugee education, high paid employment, affordable housing and health care system navigation are also a high priority of Utah Community and Refugee Partnership Center. UCRPC recognizes the many unique needs of refugees in our community, including but not limited to cultural integration and language barriers. In assisting refugees with any of these services, we aim to take the time to explain the process. As a result, refugees often gain a better understanding of how to do things for themselves. We appreciate our partnership and support received in coordinating these services for refugees in need.


ESL Instructor

August 2020 Provo, UT
“I love interacting with the refugees and watching them succeed and learning from them. I also work with other great volunteers and love the environment.”

Home Health Coordinator

June 2019 - December 2019 Provo, UT
“I liked the experience of working with the refugee families. ”
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