USWOO Realty (美窝房产)is an real estate company under the Overseas Student Service Corp. Dedicated to the north America real estate market, the company currently has nearly 100 full-time real estate salesperson across the states. Headquartered in Boston, we also has branches in New York, California, and other places.
Since 2012, USWOO Realty has grown along with the OSSC and has long been committed to serving international students who study, live and work in the United States. In the past few years, the company has conducted more one thousand deals successfully, with a turnover exceeding ten million US dollars. Our business covers residential rentals, house buying and selling, and commercial real estate, and the area with our existence is also undergoing a continuously expanding.
We have a unique perspective and resource advantage – at USWOO, team members have overseas study experience and are generally from well-known institutions in North America. We are closely following the trend of the US property market, and have long-term cooperation with top real estate developers. We also maintain a close contact with other students' organizations to listen to the real needs of our customers. Technically, we are the first professional real estate service provider in the industry to successfully use VR (Virtual Reality) technology on a large scale, so that each customer can watch the room remotely. At the same time, relying on the OSSC Corporation, we are also happy to provide a one-stop solution for young professionals who are studying and living in the states. In our view, the core of USWOO's real estate services is to combine our understanding of the overseas property market with specific needs through excellent communication.
Communicate well so that we can serve you well, this is USWOO.



January 2020 New York City, NY
“It's a real estate company that focuses on Chinese students, they are very humanized and flat management gives people clear goals for promotion.”
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