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The School of Computing embraces its mission in research and graduate education (discovery), undergraduate education (learning), and outreach (engagement and economic development) in Computer Science, Engineering and Technology. Our vision is to combine excellent faculty, state-of-the-art research laboratories, and a well-funded research program to provide opportunities for a stimulating academic environment that nurtures leading edge research and innovative education in Computer Science, Engineering and Technology. The spectrum of computing disciplines offered in the school and their complementary nature is unique and allows the school to offer a strong, diverse series of programs centered around computing, from the infrastructure designer's to the end user's point of view. The school's multidisciplinary resources enable students and faculty to partner with industry to explore and develop innovating applications of emerging information technologies. Together, these resources allow our students to attain a broadly based, unique education to prepare them for the ever-changing demands of the 21st century, and the school will provide a highly qualified workforce for the industries of tomorrow.


Undergraduate Research Assistant

May 2018 Hattiesburg, MS
“The work that I did over the summer research was a very exciting one. Starting from literature review of the research to the hypothesis deduction , data collection , and performing the experiments , it was a challenging as well as equally rigorous experience. I got the taste of a full-fledged research experience. After the results were out , I coordinated with my advisor to write a paper regarding the work. Academic writing was more fun than I expected and the overall process was a very good experience . I submitted my paper to a conference. Hope I get accepted !! ”
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