USDA Natural Resources Conservation Service (NRCS) Wisconsin

About USDA Natural Resources Conservation Service (NRCS) Wisconsin

NRCS Wis. is committed to helping private landowners care for the land, use it productively, and excel as stewards for the future. We have offices in almost every county across the country, including in Wisconsin.

We hire positions like Pathways Internships in Natural Resources, Soil Conservationists, Soil Conservation Technicians, Biologists, Soil Scientists, Cartographers, GIS Specialists, Agronomists, Natural Resources Specialists, Physical Science Technicians, Agricultural Engineers, Civil Engineers, various Administrative Management positions, various Public Affairs/Marketing/Design, and other positions in the natural resources field!

America’s working lands produce food and fiber, clear air and water, wildlife, and healthy soil. Farming can be one of the most environmentally compatible uses of land there is. Wis. has over 68,500 farm operations and is known for being number one in the nation for corn silage production, number two for cow milk production, and in the top five for vegetable production.

NRCS Wis. strives to work one-on-one with landowners to provide the technical expertise and financial assistance they need to make conservation successful and profitable. Americans should care about conservation and keeping our lands healthy and productive because they provide many of the necessary products that contribute to our high quality of life. Wis. NRCS promotes conservation practices, everything from practices that manage excess nutrients and waste on farms, to practices that promote soil health, among a host of others, all of which are helping to protect our natural resources for the long term, while at the same time improving Wisconsin farms. Taking care of the landscape in concert with agricultural productivity is our goal.

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