USDA Natural Resources Conservation Service

About USDA Natural Resources Conservation Service

The U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) serves all Americans daily. The Department’s
mission is to improve and maintain farm income, to assure consumers safe and adequate
food supplies at reasonable prices, and to develop and expand markets for projects abroad. It works to enhance the environment and to maintain production capacity by helping landowners protect the soil, water, forests, and other natural resources. Rural development, credit, and conservation programs are key resources for carrying out National growth policies. Other research
covers such areas as animal disease and pest control, crop production, and the marketing and
use of agricultural products.


Soil Conservation intern

July 2018 - August 2018 Logan, UT
“I liked getting to learn more about natural resources conservation and getting to help teach people about it and how to make their lands more productive. ”
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Questions & Answers

What's a typical day like for a Civil Engineering Intern at USDA's Natural Resources Conservation Service?

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I'm about to start my internship at the USDA Natural Resources Conservation Services as a civil engineer and am wondering if I'll be working 9-5 hours or longer.

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