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About University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee, College of Letters & Science

The largest of UWM’s schools and colleges, the College of Letters & Science is home to a diverse array of courses in the humanities, natural sciences, and the social sciences. In a world where the next generation of leaders can expect to not just change jobs, but to also change careers multiple times, every L&S student graduates with knowledge in their chosen field plus the flexible skills that will last a lifetime regardless of job or career: critical thinking, problem solving, and communication.


Undergraduate Research Assistant

August 2017 Milwaukee, WI
“Still communicating with my research mentor and continuing ongoing research where my field area is in SW Spain! Love doing research!”

Communications Intern

September 2017 Milwaukee, WI
“Being the only intern, I was sort of forced to teach myself a lot of things and it really helped me grow and know what to do if ever I don't know something. It really increased my sense of independence.”
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