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Was a History Major helpful as a Legislative Intern at United States House of Representatives?

Being a History major is all about understanding the greater context. It instills an appreciation for the larger story, and gives you the tools to efficiently and effectively communicate that story. Capitol Hill is seeped in tradition and precedent — understanding how things have always been done...
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What's a normal day as a Legislative Intern at United States House of Representatives like?

It is entirely dependent on the office in which you work, and even then the days can vary greatly. A "typical" day for an intern consists of opening the office mail, answering phone calls, shuttling papers between offices and the Capitol, greeting guests and assisting the staffers in any way they...
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Is it possible that my public policy major can prep me for a Congressional internship at the U.S. House of Representatives?

My major definitely helped me prepare for my job as a Congressional Intern at the United States House of Representatives because I understood what to expect in a government environment. Things do not always move as fast as you may want it to but when the people are engaged and demand change you w...
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