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About Unite For Sight

Unite For Sight is an esteemed global health delivery organization. As a pioneer of responsible healthcare delivery, unite for sight serves, empowers, and mentors organizations and individuals to provide high-quality outcomes. Unite For Sight supports eye clinics worldwide by investing human and financial resources in their social ventures to eliminate patient barriers to eye care. Unite For Sight applies best practices in eye care, public health, volunteerism, and social entrepreneurship to achieve our goal of high-quality eye care for all. The programs are locally led and managed by ophthalmologists at Unite For Sight's partner eye clinics. Unite For Sight's international eye care services with partner local eye clinics are provided year-round and are comprehensive, including examinations by local eye doctors, diagnosis and care for treatable conditions, education, and preventative care. Outreach services are brought to the people in their villages, in some cases including villages seven or more hours from the clinics. These patients are provided with regular follow-up care by our outreach teams throughout the year. To date, we have provided eye care services to more than 2.9 million people worldwide, including more than 109,000 sight-restoring surgeries.


Global Impact Fellow

June 2019 - September 2019 Tegucigalpa, Francisco Morazán Department
“I enjoyed working with international professional in the health field. I gained a new perspective on health care delivery in a country struggling with social, political, and economic inequalities.”

Global Health Leadership Intern

June 2018 - August 2018 New Haven, CT
“My team, the work I was doing. I felt very much a part of the organization, not just an intern. I actually grew up overseas in Kenya where I saw firsthand the difficulties of administering global health in a low-resource setting. I saw so many NGOs or short-term volunteers come into Kenya with their fancy equipment and research agendas. They completely miss the stories around them then they leave a few weeks later without actually meeting the needs of the people. It's given me so much hope to work with Unite for Sight where everyone is committed to ensuring that people’s needs are actually being met. This isn’t a disengaged organization just funneling money to Africa—they are listening to local communities, they are personally engaged with patient’s, volunteer’s, and doctor’s stories. They are supporting the local healthcare providers rather than overtaking them and they are dedicated to a global health care that is empowering and sustainable, not just healthcare that looks good in numbers. ”
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