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About Uncle Julio's

Freshest Ingredients. Recipes Made from Scratch.
The first Uncle Julio’s opened in Dallas, Texas, in November 1986. The popularity of Uncle Julio’s grew rapidly, and with it came an instant craze for a drink Uncle Julio’s named The Swirl, the original frozen collision of margarita layered with home-made sangria. Uncle Julio’s has grown to 29 restaurants in seven states: Texas, Georgia, Illinois, Maryland, Virginia, Florida and Tennessee, and continues to expand.

Uncle Julio’s is committed to providing made from scratch Mexican food. The restaurant offers a unique and authentic experience built around original recipes that demand the freshest, hand-picked ingredients.

The combination of Mexican cooking expertise with fresh, locally grown Texan ingredients created a new style of fare that is far from what you find elsewhere as “Tex-Mex.” Fresh ingredients are the foundation of the made from scratch food that is found every day at Uncle Julio’s. That unique taste is paired with unparalleled customer service and a welcoming atmosphere to create an experience that will be remembered for its warm memories and fantastic taste.


Restaurant Host/Hostess

July 2018 - August 2018 Annapolis, MD
“I enjoyed the fast pace environment and the staff.”

Restaurant Server

May 2018 - August 2018 Schaumburg, IL
“Loved the environment and attitude towards the job from corporate and other employees. Opportunities to be promoted were abundant.”
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