UNC-Housing and Residential Education

Community Assistant

September 2018 - August 2019 • Greeley, CO

What I liked

Working with students of different cultural and natural backgrounds was incredible as well as feeling you could make them feel they belong on campus. Also loved the relationships I formed with my coworkers.

What I wish was different

The amount of unpaid work that I was asked to do was immense. I had to pick up the slack for people who were fired, so I wish more support had been provided or new members had been hired. I also wish that acts of racism were being held accountable more often, especially when they came from professional staff. I also wish that supervisors could see their staff members as students and people first rather than worker bees.


Advocate for yourself. Report your supervisor when they are breaking protocol and institutional rules because your physical and mental safety, and that of residents, should come first. Finally, do not be afraid to ask questions because it is safer for everyone if you ask incessant questions rather than making a grave mistake.
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