UMA, Urban Media Arts

Journalist Intern

May 2020 • Malden, MA

What I liked

My position says journalist, but I was actually quite a few things and I enjoyed all of my positions. I have since helped in video/film production and taken complimentary classes to sharpen my reportage skills. I have been involved in the marketing team, attended events, lectures and gatherings. I even was part of the of the new logo design team as they are in the midst of a major transition. Overall I deeply enjoyed the nurturing and diverse environment. The people at MATV want to see students succeed and they care about everyone working under them.

What I wish was different

Although I was able to cover art events and write a weekly profile on artists, political figures and celebrities who have lived or given back to the city of Malden, I wished that I had been able to do more art-related material for the company. As I am still working for them, we intend for that to change and I am excited to see what my immediate future holds.


Just Say Yes. If something seems intimidating; try it anyway. You can always back out later if something seems too stressful or not a good fit for your skills. Don't limit yourself to a preconceived notion of what you'll be doing and only take the assignments that fit that vision. Just stay open to possibilities and new projects. Malden has a lot of connections so you will meet a wide variety of people and personalities that can help you on your journey.
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