About UhaulCarShare

UhaulCarShare is a car sharing platform based on a fundamental philosophy that "the division of use and specialization of ownership" are good for both our customers and the environment. Our sustainability practice is to increase the shared use of our resources and promote sustainable local communities with the UhaulCarShare program and services.

UhaulCarShare currently operate in 21 states and has vehicles readily available to use 24/7 on an hourly or daily basis. We have a variety of different vehicles to choose from; ranging from compact vehicles, electric-gasoline hybrids, sedans, SUVs and trucks.

We truly believe that the customer is our most important asset. This is illustrated by our commitment to save you money and to provide a convenient and reliable mode of transportation. UhaulCarShare provides the gas, insurance coverage and 24/7 roadside assistance.

Whether you need a car for a quick trip down the street to run errands or a few days for a weekend trip, we want to be the company that helps you get there.

Uhaul and UhaulCarShare understand today''s issues facing the environment. As part of U-Haul''s commitment to environmental stewardship U-Haul has donated over one million dollars to the Conservation Fund “Go Zero program” to cancel out emissions as well as having won awards for being leader in environmental issues.

For every UhaulCarShare on the road we typically replace around 20 vehicles, and with each car dispersing around 5.2 Metric Tons of greenhouse gas emissions, we are helping to decrease around 105 Metric tons of green house gas emissions. (


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June 2019 Pleasant Hills, PA
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