uFab Corporation

About uFab Corporation

uFab is developing a circuit board printing device, named the pcBee, that can cut high accuracy circuit boards quickly and cheaply. This device uses a novel method for cutting, drilling, and board assembly that exceptionally reduces board costs and production times and stands to revolutionize the industry.


Engineering / Design Intern at uFab

May 2023 - August 2023 St. Louis, MO
“Tyler, the CEO of uFab, was truly one of the best people I have ever worked for. Tyler was more than a boss but a mentor, coach, and friend. His work ethic and passion for uFab meant I got the pleasure of sitting in on meetings, working on sales, doing graphic design, writing code, and so much more experience that exposed me to the realities of running an early-stage startup. At the same time, however, he actively listened to what I wanted to work on as an intern, respected my work/life boundaries, was incredibly organized, and had empathy when life situations came up. This line of working hard/exposing us to the entire industry, but respecting my needs, time, and boundaries as a student and intern is an incredibly thin one, and Tyler walks it well. ”
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