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The Associated Students (A.S.) of the University of California, Santa Barbara is a non-profit organization and a department of the UCSB campus, funded by undergraduate student fees. Through elected student positions and appointments we voice student concerns and express student opinion to the UCSB administration, UC system, our community, and state and local governments. We have dozens of boards, committees, and commissions that are organized and funded through A.S. to enrich student life and give students services and opportunities not offered by the administration. Our mission is to help students uphold the high academic standards and give them leadership, employment, cultural and growth opportunities to serve the campus community.


Recycle Route Rider

September 2017 Isla Vista, CA
“Recycling route riding is for a good cause: easing the process of recycling and compost on and around the campus of UCSB. While fulfilling, route riding is also a way to get exercise and listen to music, so it's a very time-efficient job to have.”
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