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What can I do to get ready to interview for a peer academic counselor job in the Educational Opportunity Program at UC Berkeley?

I think the best ways to prepare for an interview, is to come ready to talk about what you personally will bring to the space and why you want to work as a peer academic counselor. What are your passions? What do you want to gain from the space?
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I'm seeking tips before I'm interviewed for a research assistant position at UC Berkeley!

Generally you'll be applying for a position with a specific lab - be prepared to talk about any previous experience you might have with the type of experiments/analysis that the lab uses. Additionally, look through the lab's publications and prepare some questions about the experiments/analysis, ...
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What kind of work does a research assistant do at UC Berkeley?

It varies from lab to lab and program to program - as a research assistant for the Daniel C. Sonderegger Perception Science Program, my daily activities consisted of giving short presentations on basic vision science or helping answer program members' questions about vision science lectures, then...
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What's a day in the life of a Postdoctoral Researcher at UC Berkeley like?

I did graduate research and postdoctoral research at UC Berkeley. It is important to understand that a Postdoctoral role is very different. There are varying degrees of research independence and it is important to try to understand the PI's expectations of your productivity. I worked on several r...
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What would it be like to work as a data science intern at UC Berkeley?

I have meetings and write code on a daily basis, where my boss gives me pieces of the analysis we're working on. It's very independent work but the group is always a resource and I've learned a tremendous amount for each new project I've worked on (web apps, AWS, computational epidemiology & stat...
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