UbiQD, Inc.

About UbiQD, Inc.

UbiQD is a nanotechnology company founded in 2014 and is based in Los Alamos, New Mexico. UbiQD manufactures high-performance, cadmium-free nanomaterials called quantum dots and composite materials. The company uniquely focuses on applications that utilize its nanomaterials to manipulate sunlight, which include renewable electricity generation through their solar window technology. They also have developed a luminescent greenhouse film that modifies the sun's spectrum to provide better quality light for improved crop growth.

Spun out of technology developed at Los Alamos National Laboratory, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, the University of Washington, and Western Washington University, UbiQD envisions a future where quantum dots are ubiquitous in a wide spectrum of applications.


Manufacturing Engineering Intern

September 2022 Los Alamos, NM
“Advanced materials being harnessed through light power to generate energy. Manufacturing solar windows is a great job. It feels like I am contributing to a greener and energy efficient world. The culture and the professionalism which I got here was commendable. I hone a different skills set from different parts of science and engineering.”
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