U.S. Trade and Development Agency

Security Analyst Intern

May - August 2020 • Arlington County, VA

What I liked

It was a wonderful glimpse into the world of cybersecurity frameworks and cybersecurity audits. The IT team was a close-knit team of 6, which was refreshing and enabled me to have tons of one-on-one learning opportunities. I also loved engaging with the other interns and employees outside of the IT team, who are doing remarkable international work.

What I wish was different

It was definitely more challenging considering the virtual environment, and it was also somewhat isolating to be the only IT intern, However, considering the conditions of the pandemic, it was a wonderful experience regardless.


Don't be afraid to continuously reach out to not only IT team members, but also anyone throughout the agency. They are more than willing to help you with tasks, give career advice, or let you shadow some of their work.
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