IT Operations Intern

May - July 2021 • Ennis, TX

What I liked

This opportunity was extremely significant in my life, and I am so glad that I was given the chance to work in a cutting-edge organization. I enjoyed getting to work on numerous technical tasks, and I wasn't confined to a single project for the summer. I also loved being able to talk with all sorts of people within the company. On any given day, I would speak with operators, C-level executives, managers, directors, and vendors. This aspect of the job allowed me to improve my social skills within a business environment. I found great pleasure in working in a small business environment as well. There was a strong sense of community and family, and my supervisor treated me with the highest respect.

What I wish was different

I wish I had been able work somewhere closer to home rather than in another state. I was away from all of my friends and family, and it was extremely tough living in isolation when I wasn't at work. It motivated me to find the strength to continue the job, but I was observant in detailing the importance of work-life balance. I genuinely enjoyed my coworkers and the work load, and I couldn't be more content with how the job went.


One piece of advice I would share about my internship experience is: feeling underprepared for the job is perfectly normal! I felt very nervous prior to starting the internship because I didn't think I had enough knowledge to be good at my job. This was completely okay though because I quickly realized that the company never expected me to be an expert. They were well aware of how young and unexperienced I was, and they were more than happy to provide guidance when I needed it. If you are willing to work hard and ask questions, it shows the company that you genuinely care about the work you're doing. Keep in mind, you are there to learn! Show your boss that you want to learn and they will think highly of you!
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