U.S. Dept. of Health and Human Services, Office of Inspector General

About U.S. Dept. of Health and Human Services, Office of Inspector General

HHS OIG is ranked one of the top places to work in the Federal Government. We are the #1 Best Place to Work within the Department Health and Human Services and 16th among Agency Subcomponents throughout the Federal government in the Partnership for Public Service's "Best Places to Work in the Federal Government" 2020 ratings.

-We have approximately 1,600 professionals with expertise in audits, investigations, evaluations, enforcement actions, and data analysis—all dedicated to government oversight.
-We operate a full-service human resources office. We use a variety of hiring authorities, including merit promotion, Persons with Disabilities (Schedule A), the Pathways Program, and other authorities such as veteran recruitment.
-At HHS-OIG, we recognize that diversity, equity, inclusion, and accessibility are essential to effectively carrying out our mission. We are committed to providing equal opportunity to all applicants and employees, while fostering an inclusive workplace where all employees feel respected and valued.

Office of Audit Services
The Office of Audit Services (OAS) provides auditing services for HHS, either by conducting audits with its own audit resources or by overseeing audit work done by others. Audits examine the performance of HHS programs and/or its grantees and contractors in carrying out their respective responsibilities and are intended to provide independent assessments of HHS programs and operations. These audits help reduce waste, abuse, and mismanagement and promote economy and efficiency throughout HHS.

Office of Investigations
The Office of Investigations (OI) mission is to protect the integrity of the programs administered by the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services (HHS). OI conducts criminal, civil, and administrative investigations of fraud and misconduct related to HHS programs, operations, and employees. Our special agents have full law enforcement authority and effect a broad range of actions, including the execution of search warrants and arrests. We use traditional as well as state-of-the art investigative techniques and innovative data analysis to fulfill our mission.

Office of Management & Policy
The Office of Management & Policy (OMP) provides mission and administrative support to the OIG. OMP focuses on customer satisfaction, reliability, innovation, and continuous improvement. OMP oversees a diverse portfolio, which includes budget formulation, execution, and funding of the State Medicaid Fraud Control Unit grant program; human capital planning; information technology solutions; and administrative services.

Office of Counsel to the Inspector General
The Office of Counsel to the Inspector General (OCIG) provides general legal services to OIG, rendering advice and opinions on Health and Human Services (HHS) programs and operations and providing all legal support for OIG’s internal operations. OCIG represents OIG in all civil and administrative fraud and abuse cases involving HHS programs, including False Claims Act, program exclusion, and civil monetary penalty cases. In connection with these cases, OCIG also negotiates and monitors corporate integrity agreements. OCIG renders advisory opinions, issues compliance program guidance, publishes fraud alerts, and provides other guidance to the health care industry concerning the anti-kickback statute and other OIG enforcement authorities.

Office of Evaluation and Inspections
The Office of Evaluation and Inspections (OEI) conducts national program evaluations to provide HHS, Congress, and the public with timely, useful, and reliable information on significant issues. These evaluations focus on promoting economy, efficiency, and effectiveness of HHS programs and protecting the beneficiaries it serves. OEI reports provide practical recommendations for improving policy, procedures, and program operations and data analysis to support decision-making.


Social Science Research Analyst

September 2022 Windsor Mill, MD
“This position has given me so many opportunities to grow as a public health researcher. The work I do feels like it has an impact, the people I work with have been great mentors, and the flexibility of the work flow has given me a lot of freedom both in and out of work. I am incredibly happy working with OIG, and I cannot wait to see where this work takes me in the future.”

Social Science Research Analyst

May 2022 Philadelphia, PA
“It is so fulfilling to work for an organization that is full of such brilliant and kind people. My time with the Office of Inspector General's Office of Evaluation and Inspection has been nothing short of stellar. The programs on which we work touch the lives of every American, and the mission of our office reflects our dedication to improving HHS programs one person at a time. It is amazing to wake up everyday and know that your work makes a real difference.”
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