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About Tutors for Incarcerated Individuals - Tutors for Youth

As a collective of tutors and tutees, we seek to trail blaze alternative paths to incarceration in the prison-industrial complex through rigorous and relevant education programs. We recognize multiple generations of trauma, spirit breaking, limited opportunity and systemic injustices that have denied tutees access to quality and rigorous education. Therefore, we collectively build a platform from which incarcerated students can learn, practice, dream and achieve their vision of a more enriched life both inside and outside the system. We believe that education for all individuals not only reduces their chances of reentering the system but also empowers people to be community leaders and agents of change. We aim to center the voices of our students in everything we do and ground our work in unity for the common purpose of advancement, empowerment and liberation of all.


program coordinator

July 2019 Davis, CA
“I liked the people, the program, and working hard every week to help improve the program.”
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