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About TurnUp Activism

TurnUp is a non-profit, non-partisan organization dedicated to strengthening democracy and increasing youth civic engagement. TurnUp is also an app connecting young activists to progressive issues, organizations, and events. TurnUp is the largest and fastest-growing youth activism organization and mobile app.

Join our community and become a force for change!

While our organization is based out of Cambridge, Massachusetts, we are a national organization. We are putting up internship posts with the ideal that we will hire student interns to work either virtually or in their own communities, with minimal commitment for travel.

Our tax documentation relating to our non-profit license can be viewed at this link:



July 2021 - August 2021 Washington, DC
“What I liked about working at TurnUp was the environment. Everyone was very helpful and welcomed me in open arms. The tasks I was asked to do were my passions as well. We advocated for climate change, voting rights and the black lives matter movement. I felt like I really made an impact within the community and on social media too. Spreading news and awareness helped me realize that advocating for such topics are more important than ever as more elections are coming up and more studies of climate science encourages us to do better for our environment. I am grateful for the opportunity and the time I had with TurnUp, it really made me more active in helping others and the community itself.”
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