July - August 2018 • Santa Clara, CA

What I liked

I loved how I accidentally bumped into the field I was looking for. As a Kinesiology major, I didn't want to be trapped in a box with coaching and teaching. I only applied to this job because it paid well and the listing said that people of all yoga experience can join. I never thought that the job wouldn't go into that much yoga. Instead, the job was centered around a wearable technology that detects the whole body movements. I've always wanted to go into technology and biomechanices but have never known how to do it because I didn't have a specific skillset: coding. I just love being in that environment and helping them troubleshoot.

What I wish was different

I wish I had more time working for them. I wasn't able to work for them anymore because I am studying abroad. I also wish that I had more of a coding skillset to intern or officially work for that company.


My one piece of advice is to not be afraid of stepping out, especially out of your comfort zone. The original listing said that I would be a Yoga Model for them. I am awkward in front of the camera, let alone trying to do weird poses on video. But in the end, it was a really fun experience and I learned a lot. I also didn't think that I was able to get the position because the listing has already been up for a few days and I am not the most photogenic person. Little did I know, I fit their requirements and had one of the best availability, so they brought me in. Side note: as a female entering a mostly all male startup is a little intimidating at first. Getting to know your coworkers is very useful to feeling comfortable or knowing if it is the right fit. Also, setting some clear boundaries, if they do not already have some, is a good idea.
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