Tulane University

About Tulane University

Since beginning as a medical college in 1834, we’ve grown into one of the most well-respected research universities in the country. We’re one of just 62 members of the Association of American Universities, an elite group of top-ranked research institutions.

But we’re hardly an ivory-tower, view-from-40,000-feet kind of place. Yes, you’ll find a lot of intellectual firepower on campus. Our faculty are involved in projects as diverse as protecting the aquatic resources of the Gulf and chronicling the region’s singular musical heritage. But because of our size – just 8,452 undergrads; classes average 21 students – you won’t be looking at that academic talent from afar. The brilliant faculty who are carrying out that work also happen to be eager, nurturing educators, and they’ll be teaching your classes from the minute you arrive.


University Teaching Assistant

May 2021 - July 2021 New Orleans, LA
“My time was amazing. The team was very flexible and it gave me things to do during my summer.”

Undergraduate Research Assistant

January 2018 New Orleans, LA
“I enjoyed being able to continue working on a project I had begun during the spring semester. I was able to finish the project and move forward to a new project which would justify the results from the first. ”
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