Tula Health, Inc.

About Tula Health, Inc.

Tula Health is a well-funded and rapidly growing startup based out of Utah. Tula combines state-of-the-art noninvasive monitoring technology with 24/7 monitoring and care, resulting in lower healthcare costs, higher productivity, and improved health.

How it works: Health insurance providers subscribe to Tula Health’s services in order to lower costs and improve health outcomes for their members. Enrolled patients with chronic illnesses, including diabetes, receive a smart watch with an array of new sensors along the band in addition to other monitoring technologies. Raw sensor data is transmitted to the backend analytics engine where predictive algorithms estimate biometric values, such as blood glucose. Digital and human interventions are deployed in reaction to the analysis of this real time data, creating real and lasting behavior changes that reduce the risk of costly, acute events.


Diabetes specialist

June 2020 Ogden, UT
“Startup tech company. I got to help figure out how the company will run for future employees. I am helping them prepare for commercial launch. They have a really unique diabetes chronic care solution for insurance companies. Very good management.”
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