True Leaf Market

About True Leaf Market

We are a non GMO seed supply company conducting mostly online sales. We mainly supply garden and flower seed, with a large focus also on microgreens and sprouting. Our customer base ranges from large scale farmers, to home gardeners, to brick-and mortar re-salers. We package and ship all of our seeds from one location in Salt Lake City. Though most of our sales are online, we have a retail space that is open to the public for directly purchasing from our inventory.



March 2019 - August 2019 Salt Lake City, UT
“I loved the company, they are laid back and chill about the work we do. We are also very good at deadlines, everything got out on time even if it was a little stressful. Even though I was only there for the summer they took the time and trained me well and gave me a lot of responsibility. ”
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