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About True Garden

True Garden is an aeroponic greenhouse facility utilizing vertical grow towers to produce food for the community. We seed over 2000 plants each week, which are allocated to either our towers, or set aside for both local and national distribution. Our grow process is soil free and we use only plant based pest treatments to deliver clean, high quality LIVING produce.

I, the Grower, lived on a 120 acre farm in Illinois and helped to run a 5 acre garden, 20 beehives, 1 acre of strawberries, corn maze, animals, etc. As I sought out how I could serve the community, when I moved to Arizona, and was looking for employment opportunities. I looked at all the farms around the Phoenix Valley. I understood what hard work was and wasn't afraid of it. I found True Garden and made my decision that this is what I wanted my future to look like. I was fascinated with the aeroponic system, the easy of it's tower system, the convenience of growing so much lettuce and greens without any weeds, rain, frost, mud, few (if any) bugs, etc. The fact that we can grow 1 acres worth of produce in a small 5000 sq ft greenhouse still amazes me. The fact that we can control the nutrients in each growing tower of 20-52 plants and not have issues with loss of nutrients, as we can track it so easily, is just amazing. You can't find this in your normal grocery store produce.
We love to help give interns opportunities to farm in the simplest ways I have ever seen and done. We love to help interns learn first hand what it takes to run a business, work as a team, balance PH and nutrient levels, identify a plant, trim tomatoes, clone plants, dry herbs, understand tractability, learn sustainable ways, data entry, and much more. Come join us for a semester and you will learn more than you can imagine and it will help you throughout your life.


Greenhouse Intern

May 2019 - July 2019 Mesa, AZ
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