Trinity Terrace

Nutritional aid

December 2018 - June 2019 • Fort Worth, TX

What I liked

Gaining experience in the health environment and learning how accommodations of food can help better a senior's health. It helps you learn patience and become a caring person. You become attached to the residents that you help every time you work and that helps you understand what they're going through.

What I wish was different

The management I was working with had a disorganized working environment that created setbacks during our shifts. The workload was heavy sometimes when coworkers before you would leave their work from the previous day to the next person. it relates back to the disorganization of the management. I wish there would be more focus on the quality of the food the residents received.


It's the most amazing feeling to help people are in need of it the most. I worked in the department where the residents needed help with getting the nutrition they need, which makes you more caring about others and learn compassion for people who are older than you. I would advise people who are in this same field of work to be kind and learn to be patient with the residents that need their help.
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