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What does a regular day in the life look like for an Equity Trading Intern at Trillium Trading?

An equity trading intern has several responsibilities. Each intern is paired with a mentor, for who they conduct equity research, work on projects in excel, and take care of any other tasks they may need for their trading. Interns also take part in a daily trading challenge. this involves familia...
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How possible is it to get a return offer after my internship at Trillium Trading?

The best way to get a full-time offer is to do quality work for mentors, since they are the people that will be pulling for an intern to get the job. Don't e the last one into the office or the first one to leave either!
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Is there a training program for Trillium Trading's Equity Trading internship program?

Training I am not fairly certain of. I only did the internship, but I do understand that the training is I believe a whole year where you are given funds and taught to trade. Your stop losses are very conservative and you are in many situations where you are learning rather than trading throughou...
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Why would you say Trillium Trading is a good place to start off a career?

I think this depends on your career aspirations. If you hope to move into other areas of finance, this may not be a great stepping stone into that. Trillium has no clients, providing little opportunity to network. You are in a very technical role specific to the firm so many of the skills you lea...
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I'm curious to learn more about the interview process for the "Equity Trading" role--any insights?

Definitely highlight your interest in the market. How do you follow it daily? What are some of the ideas you have. What are some of your technical and analytical skills. That would cover the more trading side stuff. Other than that you want to show that you can think quickly on your feet and are ...
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