Triad Technologies, LLC

Engineering Co-op

January - August 2023 • Vandalia, OH

What I liked

One of the biggest advantages of working with Triad was the fact that I was really the only intern there. This made it feel like I was important and not just some robot working for some huge company doing the dirty work because no one else wanted to. On top of that, I got to make personal connections with a lot of the people here considering it is not that large of a company. The people here are great and super kind and helpful and that went a long way as it is kind of like my first real engineering job. One of the projects that I worked on was modeling a stand for our crimpers which are used to crimp hoses. I was able to use my experience with SolidWorks to go in and actually make a design of something that we needed in house here. It was cool to do that and see it come to life as they bought them and still use them to this day.

What I wish was different

Triad did not have a whole lot of work for me all of the time. This is not a bad thing, and not something that I wish had been different, but maybe if I had had more work to do over the course of being here I would have felt like more of a help to the company. Not that I don't feel like I was a help, just that I could have felt like more of a help if they had had more work for me. With that being said, I am still new to this engineering thing and was not entirely sure how I was going to be able to help in the first place, but I think in general, more work would have made the experience better for me.


Put yourself out there and talk to people. One of the best parts about working at Triad was the people. The more you get out and talk with them, the more you learn about how a company operates. Prior to this, I was unsure of how a company operates on a day-to-day basis. Talking with people and asking questions is the best way that I was able to learn and the best piece of advice I could give about this experience.
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