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About Treece Financial

Holistic, Comprehensive, and Advocacy-Oriented
Our distinguishing characteristic is ADVOCACY, and we have the success stories to demonstrate it. We have helped clients fight fraud, win insurance claims, protect assets, and even procured a court-appointed guardian for one elderly client who was sending money to criminals.

As part of our holistic practice, we have developed a high-level of expertise and capability in dealing with elder care issues such as working with experts in identifying assisted living facilities, assisting with the physical move to a facility, retro-fitting housing to stay at home, planning for death, and dealing with dementia and other health-related issues. We work closely with spouses and family members taking into account aging and security concerns. For individuals who may be alone, our client experience is designed to not only be a lifelong relationship, but to build a sense of community to those who might otherwise be alone or isolated.

We specialize in assisting family members after the death of a loved one that often includes significant asset transfer and complicated work with trusts and attorneys.


Marketing and Production Assistant

February 2021 Miami Shores, FL
“The productivity that the office holds. The family dynamic and small office atmosphere. They allow you to express yourself creativity and give a lot of resources for financial wellness. ”

Finance Intern

May 2023 Miami, FL
“I love the support system at Treece. I work remotely, but everyone still checks in on me daily. Balancing work at Treece and completing my school work/extracurriculars has been pretty easy because everyone is very accommodating. I also really enjoy the work that I am doing because I am able to communicate with clients regarding paperwork and scheduling meetings. I am always pushed to try new types of tasks, and I am constantly learning something new.”
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