TranSubro, Inc.

Paralegal Claims Specialist

June 2019 • Oceanside, NY

What I liked

TranSubro, Inc is without question the best place I have ever had the privilege of working. They treat you like a person, not an employee. I’m not sure if the word “employee” best encapsulates how one is treated at TranSubro. I would go as far as to say they treat you as if you were family. I genuinely mean that. From the moment you walk into the spacious office environment, you are engrossed in an energetic, welcoming, and nurturing culture. The culture at TranSubro, Inc is the best I've ever worked for, and everyone’s authenticity, passion, and eagerness to excel at their craft quickly becomes contagious. The training processes are very beneficial as well. I vividly remember the training I received from my supervisors Justin and Keenan. It helped me tremendously in feeling more at ease in my position as a Paralegal Claims Specialist. My favorite thing about working at TranSubro is the mere fact that there will always be someone willing to take time out of their workday to dedicate themselves to helping you if needed.  As someone who has aspirations of attending law school in the future, TranSubro has played an instrumental part in helping me become prepared for my legal education and career. In addition, working at TranSubro has also given me the opportunity for both lateral and upward career development in a myriad of ways. Lastly, I have thoroughly enjoyed the exhilaration and intellectual challenges that have stemmed from marshaling my way through the claims and subrogation world I was introduced to at TranSubro, Inc.

What I wish was different

Absolutely nothing. They are extremely flexible when it comes to dealing with any potential work-related issues.


If you are looking for a job where you will make genuine connections with your co-workers while doing work that matters in an incredible office environment, all while growing and ameliorating your capacities and legal knowledge, this is the job for you.
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