Tokyo Academics

Academic Tutor

April - August 2021 • Osaka-shi, Osaka

What I liked

I liked the flexible hours and the amount of support I received as a tutor. During the onboarding process, I was given a training schedule so that I would be able to feel prepared before actually teaching students. Tokyo Academics also provides a lot of digital materials (textbooks, worksheets, practice papers) for tutors to use, so I didn't have to spend too much time searching the internet for resources. This helped me save a lot of time.

What I wish was different

Personally, I put in a lot of time to write lesson reports. Although I was told not to spend too long on them and to use lesson time to work on them, I wasn't able to focus on both writing the lesson reports and teaching the lesson itself. I think having more standardization on this would be great.


Tokyo Academics has so many people supporting you, from the client success team to the professional development/training side. Other tutors will also support you and give you feedback, which is amazing since tutoring can be often become very individual-based. All of this is to say that you should feel good about the team and make sure to always communicate with them about your needs, concerns, or ambitions.
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