Tillamook People's Utility District

GIS Intern

June - August 2019 • Tillamook, OR

What I liked

The GIS analysts that I worked with were great people to work for. They were friendly, spent a lot of time teaching me, and gave me so much autonomy to do my work. I was so surprised that they paid me to learn how to program and how to work with metadata. The time they gave me to learn was worth it because it prepared me for starting and finishing the project they gave me. The project they gave me was not an easy project by any stretch, but they gave me the tools and the opportunity to ask them a lot questions, which enabled me to do what I did. I really appreciate the autonomy they gave me because I felt no outside pressure as I did my work, which gave me the opportunity to be creative, innovative, detail oriented, and artistic.

What I wish was different

Nothing really. It turned out way better than I thought it would.


My advice about this experience would be the following: be open to learning new things, ready to apply yourself to tasks that you have little to no experience in, willing to take the time and energy to solve difficult problems, willing to ask questions and to ask for help when you are stuck, and motivated to accomplish the tasks that you've been give.
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