TheWell Bioscience Inc.

About TheWell Bioscience Inc.

TheWell Bioscience is a biotech company that supports scientists and researchers by offering a novel 3D cell culture hydrogel system for 3D cell culture research that can be used for drug screening, tissue engineering, and pre-clinical applications.
TheWell Bioscience’s flagship product, VitroGel, is a novel xeno-free hydrogel designed to help scientists generate more accurate data with higher efficiency for 3D cell culture research. Compared to other hydrogel or ECM systems, VitroGel hydrogel system shortens the 3D cell culture operation time, from a few hours to 20 minutes. The uniqueness of the VitroGel hydrogel system is that it is adaptable to other areas of cell research such as a bio-ink use for 3D bioprinting and for Stem Cell research. The 3D hydrogel has already been delivered to scientists from over 250 universities and research institutes within New Jersey and all over the world.


Digital Marketing Intern

May 2021 - August 2021 North Brunswick, NJ
“Learned a lot through a variety of different tasks. Management was very helpful when introducing me to company policy and industry standards.”
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