The Wende Museum

About The Wende Museum

Located in Culver City California, The Wende Museum is a collection-based educational institution with a mission to preserve Cold War history, inspire a broad understanding of the period, and explore its enduring legacy.



July 2019 - August 2019 Culver City, CA
“Everything, really. The museum was an unforgettable experience where I got to handle artifacts originating from all around the world. Doing research and reading about what each unique item had to do with the broader story of the Cold War was very fun. Even mundane tasks like wrapping up and object or putting a box away was a lot of fun because of the contextualization that I am having an impact on the future study and research of the Cold War. The other staff were nice and were very helpful whenever I asked for help with something. I learned a lot from them and I think they learned a lot from me as well.”
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