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About The Spaceship Company

The Spaceship Company (TSC) is Virgin Galactic’s aerospace-system manufacturing organization. Headquartered in Mojave Air and Space Port in Mojave, California, it is building and testing a fleet of WhiteKnightTwo carrier aircraft and SpaceShipTwo reusable spaceships that, together, form Virgin Galactic’s human spaceflight system. We are proud to share the Virgin Group heritage and value our position as an integral part of a remarkable story and globally celebrated brand. Like many Virgin companies across the world, its team of over 430 talented and dedicated engineers, technicians and professionals are drawn together by a willingness to disrupt and challenge the status quo and deliver innovative aerospace solutions to our customers’ needs. The Spaceship Company has a straightforward name: as you would expect, we build spaceships. But we also do much more. The Spaceship Company’s extensive capabilities encompass preliminary vehicle design and analysis, manufacturing, ground testing, flight testing and post-delivery support. The Spaceship Company team is uniquely positioned to offer end-to-end aerospace development with extensive experience in design, manufacturing, and testing.


Design engineer

January 2018 Mojave, CA
“Working for a relatively small company has given me the responsibility of several spaceship systems, which one would not get at a huge company. The size has also allowed me to work with cross functional teams including stress, structures, propulsion, and manufacturing. I've gotten hands on experience with manufacturing carbon fiber parts and also gotten a lot of design experience from this job. The team is awesome and our goal of sending paying passengers to space is inspiring.”

Manufacturing Engineering Intern

June 2018 - August 2018 Mojave, CA
“Was treated like a real employee Incredible company culture Fantastic learning experience for the industry. I got to be take their technition training course I actually made an impact. I worked on 73 parts that go on a space ship”
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